Creating an Outdoor eBook using Book Creator @ Lisanally Special School Armagh

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A group of students and teachers at Lisanally Special School Armagh worked on the John Muir Award throughout the first two terms of the 2014/15 school year.  The initiative encourages people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. The John Muir Award describes itself as:

“an environmental award scheme for people of all backgrounds – groups, families, individuals. It’s non-competitive, inclusive and accessible.”

Using Book Creator

Thanks to a fantastic App called Book Creator on iPad, the students were able to capture a range of photographs and video of their outdoor trip to Killoween Education Centre.  Using the iPad  outdoors as a mobile device allowed the students to capture media to be later compiled as as an eBook.

Book Creator also allowed them to write up and describe each image on a single page and add colour. Once the books were finished and shared, the students showcased and presented their finished iBooks to their parents and governors.

The teachers and students are now Book Creator experts and have added it to their ‘Core Apps List’ within the school.  Thanks to its user friendly design and features, some teachers now use it as their main presentation App and it is used regularly during assembly.


What Next?

After getting to grips with Book Creator for the John Muir Award, the students began to use it to capture on going work in their day-to-day class. The next project was The Young Enterprise Awards. The students came up with a arts and crafts team called  Classy Crafts and started to make products that they could sell at local markets to generate a profit.

After proving a huge success, they were invited to present their work at The Young Enterprise Awards ceremony in Belfast. The students used their skills acquired from the John Muir Award and started to compile a eBook using Book Creator. They then used the book as their presentation material for the award. Which they won!