My Work Experience at Amma – Phillip


My experience, with work experience. How I spent my two days Amma and how I feel that they have benefited me. At first, when I was asked about searching for work experience, I hadn’t the faintest idea what to do or even what direction of job path that I was going to take. I knew what my fields of expertise where and what other skills that I could bring, but I wasn’t sure where I could go for a work placement and how I could apply them for a job in these areas so the stress was really hitting me to find something that I would both enjoy and it would be a benefit. The Amma centre was something that I was not entirely sure on, I had never heard of it from any other sources other than an email, not even addressed to me. I was unsure if it would fit my skills or would be any interest to me at all but I was excited to learn. Any work experience is a good experience, right? After spending two days doing a course in Multi-media I have to say, it’s really inspired me to take up in interest in this type of work.

Not only did this work experience benefit my skills in multi-media, but it has definitely encouraged me to come out of my shell, because honestly being socially awkward ruins a lot of opportunities for you. Not only was it a work experience to guide me into the world of work and to demonstrate what I can bring into the workplace, but working with a person that I didn’t know and talking amongst people that I have never met or knew very long is something that I have little experience in and probably would have never participated in before. But definitely being comfortable in a work place really helped to increase the enjoyment of the course and is something that would probably be neglected in other places of work.

I have had some personal experiences with this area of work before with regards to photography, video production and editing and digital music recording and production in the past but I had never went into them in much depth so I wasn’t that anxious about taking part in the course. The most startling part for me would be meeting new people and showing my work to others, as I’m very reserved with my own work and creations.  The course gave some further experience into these areas and it really has helped me to look at a career path in the area of multi-media.

Now it’s time for what sort of activities and projects that I partook in during my stay. As a first project, we looked into photography. We were sent out into the town and told just take pictures of whatever we could, to experiment with different lightings, lenses that could effect the depth of field and different sorts of objects to include in our images to fit some key words of inspiration. This is something that I have had little to no experience in but I found it quite enjoyable and my favourite aspect of the course. Next we moved on to video production. For this project, we were asked to create a “Vine”, a short 6 second video. I thought that this would be a simple task but it turned out to be a lot more challenging than I thought. Finding inspiration was a difficult task but possibly the hardest aspect of mine was the actual recording. I decided to make a serious of short videos revolving around the journey of a rolling ball of string all done with a stop motion effect…which seemed like a good idea in theory, but a very tiring and frustrating experience in practice. The final step to those videos was adding some music that would compliment what the video was showing. We did this using “Garage Band” which is software that I have had experience. As the final part of the course, we made some minor edits to our images to make them suitable to use and uploaded our videos to Youtube.

The course was something definitely worth taking part in.


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