Meow! Multimedia Work Experience at the AmmA Centre by Cat


Work experience wasn’t exactly something that I was overly excited about. Maybe, just maybe, I was wrong.

So, I was not looking forward to work experience mainly because of my school’s approach to it. Then I heard we were also going to be creating vine videos, and my heart sank further. I also thought that I wouldn’t know anyone there.

On that latter count, I was wrong (Yippee).

I knew 3 or 4 people there and that made the experience a whole lot less stressful. I also know the AmmA Centre and it’s staff quite well because of previous projects that I have been involved in.

I did actually enjoy work experience, but vines annoy me – incredibly.

So the Monday morning started off fairly well. We were split into 3 groups of 2 and 1 group of 3 (someone didn’t show up) and were sent out into the street for an hour armed with an SLR camera and a point & shot camera. This was rather fun, I was paired with a guy called James, who I had met through the AmmA Centre’s BFI Film Academy, and walked a large circle through Armagh taking various photos on the respective cameras. It was a rare chance to use the Canon SLRs and I love using the lens to change the depth of focus.


Soon after that we our started working on our vivacity full vines vigourously. As I mentioned before, I don’t like these 6 second long looped videos, but we could make them on anything we wanted in . Naturally anyone who knows me, will know I have an obsession with Asian culture (Mainly Japanese pop music (or J-pop), anime, japanese dramas, language, and food; but my best friend is from Hong Kong, so I often deviate to Chinese language, usually Mandarin). So this was an excuse practice Kanji, or Chinese Characters.

So after this it 5pm – home time (Secretly, I was thinking “Yes, I am tired.” and “No more vines, please”)

Next day, Tuesday, the 2nd day, the last day; MORE VINES!

On the bright side we weren’t using that irritating little app anymore, but instead imported onto the Mac PCs and worked on garageband to edit the audio for them. This was different, my experience with moving images usually revolves around sitting in front of Final Cut Pro X and focusing almost purely on the visual side and Garageband is something experience with, but it is unfortunately somewhat limited.

Finally we came to this, the blogging and uploading the vines onto YouTube which is interesting and draws a nice unstressful and useful to know spin to the end of the day.


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