Work Experience – Rory


If you enjoy using your imagination to make little movies check out my vinesIn my two days at the AmmA Centre I was told to go out and use a camera to capture photos. I chose to take photos of Red and Blue items, then we were told to make Vines I used my inspiration from the photos to do this.  These colours represent gang culture , the gangs are the Bloods and the Crips which are the biggest gangs in America. Red and Blue are strong, primary colours, that are easily identifiable; I found this an interesting topic to do my Vines on. I had never made movies before and I also had never edited movies with Garage Band. Garage Band is a software with thousands of different beats, for example from Boy choir background to volcanic eruption. The hardest part of the work experience was coming up with ideas for the Vines.


Going their different ways

Crip gang member outside compound

Gang wars


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