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Beginner 2 Band Summer School 2013

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Well done to all our Beginner 2 Band participants for their efforts during the summer school.  Not only did the recordings turn out great but we also had a great day filming performance videos for our bands at the Marketplace Theatre here in Armagh.  

Flashback 2013


It’s that time of year again…The premiere of all AmmA’s summer work, and by AmmA we mean all the hardworking participants who produced a ton of fantastic work.

Infinity ‘buzzing’ on social media….and the media!


With word spreading rapidly about the unfortunate loss of Infinity-1 in Dundalk Bay, quite a ‘buzz’ has sparked on social media with 1000’s of retweets of a ‘Lost at Sea’ poster for the project. With retweets by prominent members of the public and journalists, it was an encouraging signal for the the Project Infinity crew knowing that the public were spreading the word! With tweets from Michelle Gildernew, Basil McCrea, Coder Dojo clubs, search & rescue crews and even RNLI

Infinity-1 returns to Earth with a splash!


After a successful launch and flight that was on course and on schedule, all was going well with Project Infinity until the last 15 minutes of its 2 hour flight to the edge of space. Having lost communication with the GPS systems after the balloon went into the blackout zone above 60,000ft, the signal returned around a 90 minutes later indicating that the balloon had burst, parachute had deployed and the probe was on course to land a little off target towards the

All systems go as Project Infinity launches


Thursday 22nd of August was an overcast day in Armagh but despite the cloud cover, the mild weather provided an ideal opportunity for the launch of Infinity-1! Having worked together for over a week, the crew of Coder Dojo Project Infinity finally received Civil Aviation Authority clearance for their new launch location at the top of the Navan Fort in the vicinity of Armagh. The specially constructed probe, complete with GPS, video and meteorological instrumentation, was to be tethered to a giant helium balloon and parachute which would allow the payload to float to 120,000 feet (or ‘near space’) from where it could gather information about atmosphere and video footage from the