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Beginner 2 Band Summer 2014

b2b blog

A busy three days at the centre writing and recording for the Beginner 2 Band participants. With 3 original compositions recorded in the AmmA studio with the help of tutors Warren and James. You can here the results on the AmmA Centre sound cloud and there with be a little video to follow soon. Thank you to everyone involved for their enthusiasm and creativity. We can’t wait to have you all back soon.

St Patricks College Dungannon TV

st pats college

Big thanks to the staff and students in St Patricks College Dungannon for all their hard work during the filming of their healthy eating show and science show.  Using iPads the students scripted and filmed a live 3 camera broadcast using collabrocam.  See them hard at rehearsals here.  After the rehearsals it was down to the nerve wrecking prospect of performing live in front of the cameras.  You can see the final results of the “Healthy Eating Show” here and the conclusions of the science experiments here.

St Patricks College Dunngannon

book creator workshops

Continuing the great work completed by the French year 8 students the Spanish and Irish students had their opportunity to create their very own iBooks.  Over 2 days over 40 students spent their time rehearsing their lines and finalising their creations.  You can see them hard at work here.  Again a huge thanks to all the staff and students involved.


Dragons Den in Larne!

Dragons Den

A very busy day today in St MacNissi’s Primary School in Larne.  The P7 class under the guidance of their teacher Mr Oakes have produced pop up chimneys and also produced an advert in preparation to pitch their product.  Using Garageband on the iPad the students set about writing the jingle to their advert, complete with voiceover.  Once this was completed they then edited their visuals to their soundtracks in iMovie.  Watch a video of all their hard work here.  

Animating Christmas: Behind the scenes of John Lewis Advert 2013


A look at the traditional 2D animation techniques used in making ‘The Bear and the Hare’ Christmas advertisement for John Lewis 2013.  The animation was predominately a result of hand drawn art work converted into 2D models before being shot with Digital SLR cameras using modern stop frame techniques.