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Music Technology Work Experience 2015

Music Tech Work Experience 2015

On the 1st April the AmmA Centre welcomed this years applicants for music technology Work Experience.  Being April fools day some participants weren’t entirely happy that they weren’t recording Nathan Carter as they had hoped.  The first day was spend familiarizing themselves with the studio enviromnent, testing equipment and recording.  The preparation was worth it as on the second day Armagh based Metal Band “Sentinel” arrived at the centre to record.  It was a loud day, to say the least!   Plenty of thunderous drums and wailing guitars, not for the faint hearted.  The participants done a great job of guiding the band through the session and the track will be available very soon.  Check out the band at  To see what our participants thought check out their video here.

Music Technology Work Experience 2014

work experience music technology 2014

Big thank you to all the students involved in the work experience this year.The task this year was to compose and record original compositions.  The group of 10 students was split and set about writing and arranging and getting to grips using the studio equipment.  The groups documented their experience and can been seen tracking their song on our vimeo account group 1 and group 2.  

Work Experience – Rory


If you enjoy using your imagination to make little movies check out my vines

My Work Experience at Amma – Phillip


My experience, with work experience. How I spent my two days Amma and how I feel that they have benefited me. 

Meow! Multimedia Work Experience at the AmmA Centre by Cat


Work experience wasn’t exactly something that I was overly excited about. Maybe, just maybe, I was wrong.