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Music Technology Work Experience 2015

Music Tech Work Experience 2015

On the 1st April the AmmA Centre welcomed this years applicants for music technology Work Experience.  Being April fools day some participants weren’t entirely happy that they weren’t recording Nathan Carter as they had hoped.  The first day was spend familiarizing themselves with the studio enviromnent, testing equipment and recording.  The preparation was worth it as on the second day Armagh based Metal Band “Sentinel” arrived at the centre to record.  It was a loud day, to say the least!   Plenty of thunderous drums and wailing guitars, not for the faint hearted.  The participants done a great job of guiding the band through the session and the track will be available very soon.  Check out the band at  To see what our participants thought check out their video here.

Winter Poems at Kingsmill

A big thumbs up to the students of Kingsmill Primary School for their great work recording their winter poems.  During the workshop the students worked on garageband on the iPad to record their poems and produce a soundtrack. You can watch their behind the scenes video showing the students completing their compositions here.    A huge thank you to all the students involved and Mrs O Hara, Mrs Gamble and the Principal Mr Campbell for their enthusiasm and hospitality.

Landhead Primary home of the Superhero!!

A big thank you to the students of Landhead Primary Ballymoney for their enthusiasm and hard work during the recent Animation and Music workshops facilitated by the AmmA Centre. The students worked on garageband on the iPad to complete an original piece of music and a scripted voiceover to use alongside their animated characters. You can watch their behind the scenes video showing the students completing their animation here. The class were so enthusiastic we even had time to create a creepy Halloween movie. A huge thank you to all the students involved and the staff for their enthusiasm and hospitality (and the best roast chicken dinner ever!!). We hope to see you all again very soon.

St Colman’s Multi Tracking Workshop

multi track workshop

On Monday June 16 aspirant GCSE music students spent an informative afternoon working with AmmA Centre music technician, Mr Niall Totten. The aim of the day was to develop the skills required in order to make live recordings using Garageband. The students spent time exploring different microprhone specifications and microphone placements using a range of instruments from cello to uilleann pipes to voice to guitar. Niall demonstrated basic mixing and mastering techniques including Volume & Pan Automation, Adding Reverb & Echo and EQ Equalisation. All participants enjoyed their afternoon of using the classroom as a recording studio.

The AmmA Centre, Armagh has launched its programme of Creative Summer Workshops for 2014. Any student interested in filmmaking, animation, photography, illustration, motion graphics, iPads to coding and robotics should click on the following link:

Anyone for apple crumble?

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 19.24.26

Year 8 students at St Patrick’s College Dungannon gave Gordon Ramsay a run for his money with their mouth watering recipes for apple crumble.  The Year 8 group set about recording there recipe podcasts on the iPads.